Add a touch of elegance to your bathroom with a trendy freestanding bathtub

Freestanding bathtubs are making a comeback into the luxury bathroom scene for 2017!

To those less familiar with what a freestanding tub is, these complete bathtubs are stand-alone features of a bathroom that often are added to a master bath as an striking centerpiece. Freestanding bathtubs are versatile in design and can often be catered to the design features of an existing or newly remodeled bathroom.  Aside from design aesthetic, freestanding tubs make a great addition to a large bathroom or can even double as a shower with a simple shower head attachment feature making it the best of both worlds. They are incredibly easy to install and their versatility in architecture will be a crowd pleaser to the most selective taste.

Aquabrass provides freestanding tubs that are artistic centerpieces catered to a variety of tastes and design aesthetics. A once plain freestanding tub is thoughtfully and creatively propelled into what can only be described as a living art piece in the bathroom while providing deep submersion for an incredibly relaxing experience.

All design palates have been included from bright graffiti to natural landscape scenes that can perfectly represent the owner’s personality while providing expert craftsmanship to the functional perspectives of the bathtub. We love the urban graffiti design just as much as the soft, colorful tones of their Mosaik tub. Don’t be surprised when your bathroom becomes a popular place to showcase your freestanding tub with one of Aquabrass’ unique models; they are truly show-stoppers!

If a unique shape is what you are after, freestanding tubs are designed to fit the style, shape and square footage of almost any bathroom. Often you will be able to choose from oval, rectangular, square, round or customized to compliment the room and adhere to your own personal taste. Produits Neptune does a great job at providing their customers with versatility in their tub dimensions and provides unique designs catered to the specific wants and needs of their clientele.

The ergonomic, classic oval design of the AMAZE from Produits Neptune is a traditional tub that is soft, elegant and deeply relaxing. If you are looking for a sharp design with clean, modern lines, the AME̒TYS provides the same comfort as the AMAZE but will give the bathroom a completely different yet strikingly luxurious look with whirlpool features to boot. It doesn’t get much better than this!

Whether you want an artistic freestanding tub or err on the side of classic elegance, there are plenty of freestanding tubs that will fit your bill. The designs of freestanding tubs today are versatile and can be applied to almost any design plan. Without a doubt the freestanding trend of today is here to stay!

Attractive, versatile and elegant, freestanding tubs turn a once drab bathroom into a fabulous, luxurious space designed for rest and relaxation. 

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