Freestanding Tubs

All of your questions answered!

Many Americans are welcoming freestanding tubs into their bathrooms to transform their space into a relaxing spa-like refuge central to their homes. Freestanding tubs are simple in their function (relaxation) and provide a bathroom with an artistic centerpiece that can come in all shapes, sizes, colors and materials.

Whether you are pulling out all the stops and completely remodeling your bathroom or considering purchasing a freestanding tub to add a new focal point to your bathroom, there are many reasons to choose a freestanding tub for your bathroom.

We have provided you with a simple question answer sheet about freestanding tubs to address some of the most frequently asked questions regarding free standing tubs of today. Read on to find out more!

Yes and no. Perhaps the more appropriate question should be if a freestanding tub fits your budget? That answer is 100%, yes! Although freestanding tubs were once found at the top tier of bathroom budgets, they are now made with materials like acrylic or fiberglass that caters to low and middle markets. Your price tag will depend on what material you want or how customized you would like your tub to be.

Produits Neptune is a great company who specialize in a variety of models and materials for a freestanding tub. They also conveniently offer a wide range of colors that will fit the palate and motif of a new design or remodel for a bathroom, which we love!

The freestanding tubs of today are extremely versatile and will fit most, if not all, design spaces. The beauty of remodeling a bathroom is you are able to choose the mood and motif you wish your bathroom space to embody. For some a freestanding bath looks perfect in the center of a large master bathroom and is showcased as the center piece for the room. Others choose a freestanding bath with just as much function as there is elegance and add a shower-head to their tub to replace a walk in shower.

Better yet, you can choose from different sizes and shapes in today’s market.  Choose from a classic smooth edge oval or shake things up with a modified, sharp edged rectangular tub. One great design aspect of a freestanding bath is that it allows for more floor and wall to be exposed rather than built over seemingly making a bathroom appear more spacious.

Tub materials can include acrylic, stone, cast iron, acrylic, fiberglass and even copper. Some materials like copper and cast iron run with the classic, old school theme for tubs. Before modern plumbing these tubs would withstand and hold heat for long periods of time. Now with a switch of a faucet hot water comes in straight away. Popular and functional materials today include pure acrylic and resign which are both high quality and affordable.

Absolutely! Centuries ago a freestanding tub was less for fashion and used more for practical bathing purposes. Today we can use a freestanding tub in our bathrooms for both! Freestanding tubs hold water temperature, provide adequate depth for soaking and provide a room with added space and elegance.