Uncover Everything You Need to Know About Your Upcoming Renovation Project
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Determining the cost of your project can be complex, and many factors can impact the final price. That’s why our team at Water Works Renovations works with you to create a comprehensive budget that takes into account all of the details of your project. From the materials and labor costs to any necessary permits or inspections, we’ll make sure you have a clear understanding of the investment required to make your dream home a reality. Your Sales/Design Consultant will work with you every step of the way to identify the best options for your budget and ensure you get the most value for your investment. With our transparent and detailed approach, you can feel confident in knowing exactly what you’re paying for and how your money is being spent.

Upon receipt of the signed contract and project deposit, we allow a 3-4 week window for the homeowner to prepare. During this time, our Sales/Design Consultant will schedule selection appointments, complete the drawings, and coordinate with the purchasing department to acquire all the necessary items for your project. Additionally, this period allows you to prepare the work area by clearing it out. Once the area is ready, we can typically begin the project within a week or two, depending on the complexity of the project.

We believe that every successful home renovation project requires a dedicated and experienced Project Manager. That’s why we assign a Project Manager to each project we undertake. Your Project Manager will be with you throughout every phase of your remodel, ensuring that your project is executed according to plan, smoothly, and on time. They will also maintain open lines of communication with you and your Sales/Design Consultant throughout the project, so you’re always up to date on progress and any issues that may arise.

Yes we are! Water Works Bathroom Renovations maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and we are accredited with them. Check out our profile here.

At Water Works Renovations, we request that all homeowners are present during the appointment to ensure everyone is on the same page and gets the most out of the renovation experience.

At Water Works Bathroom Renovations, we ask our customers to typically set aside at least an hour for our in-home consultations. Depending on the complexity of your project, the consultation may take longer or shorter. In some cases, we may even schedule a follow-up visit if your project is a major custom remodel. We believe that a thorough consultation is the foundation for a successful renovation project, and we take the time to ensure that we understand your vision and requirements for your dream bathroom.

At Water Works Bathroom Renovations, the cost of a bathroom remodel can vary greatly depending on the scope of the project and the materials selected. Our bathroom remodels typically range from $6000 to over $40,000. During a free consultation, our team will discuss your goals and budget to provide you with an accurate estimate.

You don’t need to demolish your whole bathroom if you just want a new tub or larger shower. With a partial bathroom remodel, Water Works Renovations can remove your existing tub, shower, vanity top, or cabinets and only replace what you’d like. Your existing flooring can remain and typically no major structural changes are needed. Our team takes care of everything from demolition to final touches.

Another common question that comes up is if we can do patchwork and the short answer to that would be no. A common example of this is when you want to tear out a tub and replace it with a shower base but want to keep your existing tile on the walls. This is not something that we will do. In order to do the new shower correctly, we have to remove the walls down to the stud and then rebuild.

So while you don’t have to remodel your entire bathroom with us, we do have to remodel entire areas of the bathroom in order to take on your project.