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Transform Your Bathroom with Our Exclusive Walk-In Shower Package!

Elegant Design, Supreme Comfort:
Experience the luxury of Italian style with our meticulously crafted walk-in showers. Our package features high-quality 12×24 tiles that add a touch of style to your bathroom. The frameless sliding door not only elevates the look but also makes your space feel bigger.

🔨 Hassle-Free Installation:
Say goodbye to the old and welcome the new without any stress. Our all-inclusive service covers everything – from delivery to the final polish. With the WEDI waterproofing system, we ensure a leak-proof and durable setup that lasts.

🛠️ Quick and Clean Transformation:
Our team of experts will handle the entire process, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily life. In just about a week, we’ll turn your bathroom from outdated to outstanding.

💡 Detailed Features:

  • Sturdy Base: Our 60×32 acrylic shower base is engineered for durability and safety.
  • Superior Fixtures: Revel in the functionality and style of our Italian shower fixtures – a blend of beauty and practicality.
  • Customizable Options: Choose from a variety of premium 12×24 tiles to match your unique taste.
  • Modern Door: Enjoy the sleek look of our frameless sliding shower door that offers effortless operation.

💲 Affordable Luxury:
Get all of this at the special price of $8495 +GST. No hidden fees – delivery, removal, disposal, installation labor, and materials are all included!

  • 60 x 32 Shower Base
  • Frameless Sliding Door
  • Italian Shower Fixtures
  • Choice of 12 x 24 tiles
  • WEDI Waterproofing System

Delivery, removal, disposal, installation, labor and materials!

Tearout to completion in about a week.

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