Since its foundation in 1980, Vanico-Maronyx privilege human creativity and manufacturing technology to offer superior quality of personalised and well-designed furniture and sanitary products.

All-inclusive design… a distinctive choice

In keeping with our reputation as leader in the industry of all-inclusive bathroom design, Vanico-Maronyx continues to make advances in this concept that sets us apart from their competitors. Using their expertise in bathroom furniture and fixtures, developed over more than 25 years, Vanico-Maronyx creates a variety of bathroom components—bathtubs, showers, sinks and furniture—that combine in perfect harmony to form a unified whole.

Personalization at the manufacturing level

Vanico-Maronyx has a manufacturing infrastructure that allows us to offer a high degree of personalization. You can personalize your bathroom to suit your needs and adapt it to your decor with the almost limitless possibilities of styles, finishes, colors, modular layouts and sizes.

  • Choice of style: traditional, Scandinavian, Victorian, rustic, modern, Shaker, contemporary and transitional.
  • Choice of color and finishes: wood, lacquer, thermoplastic, melamine or laminate.
  • Choice of vanity tops: polymer, natural marble, wood or laminate.
  • Choice of layout and sizes of modular units.
  • Choice of functional accessories.

A firm commitment to quality

Vanico-Maronyx furniture is made from superior quality materials. Their “Royal Select” quality wood features a more linear graining for a refined appearance and virtually invisible seams. For the MDF wood, MDF lacquer and oxidized lacquer we use “Excel” quality MDF that has a 32% higher density than standard MDF. Our wood, MDF wood and lacquered MDF is protected with two layers of non-yellowing, water-repellant, catalyzed lacquer to offer optimum resistance to impacts and scratches. The final thickness of 4 to 5 mil, is close to double the industry standard for superior durability. In addition, the 2 coats of lacquer are applied in cross coats, (horizontally and vertically), to completely seal the pores of the wood in all directions.

Vanico-Maronyx vanity tops, tubs and showers are manufactured in polymer, a strong, smooth, non-porous material thick enough to keep bath water hot longer and to muffle the noise of whirlpool or air jet systems.

Innovative design

Vanico-Maronyx has built an enviable reputation not only for the quality and the aesthetics of our products, but also for the inventiveness of our designers. During the development of prototypes, every detail is considered to optimize storage space or to offer exclusive and innovative useful functions.

The awards garnered by Vanico-Maronyx at interior design shows are proof of our avant-garde spirit and the distinctive appeal of their collections.