Produits Neptune

The first company in North America to earn certification ECORESPONSIBLE, and wholly owned by its management staff.

Expressing their difference clearly, innovating with relevant product offerings, staying connected to customer needs, and being in tune with our business partners. These are principles that reflect Produits Neptune’s intimate conviction that life is more beautiful when it is surrounded by beauty.

Produits Neptune offers encompass a wide range of Canada-made bathroom products—bathtubs, showers, glass doors, sinks, toilets and faucets—along with a unique portfolio of refined equipment designed to blend seamlessly with all their units.


Discover their complete bathtub offerings. Dreaming of a precise design element, be it traditional, transitional or contemporary? Need a bathtub that is for a particular type of installation or requires  specific dimensions? Rest assured that you will find the ideal bathtub to meet your criteria.

100% polymer. 100% design.

The aesthetic integrity of the WISH collection comes from a perfect union of design, materials and technology. Solid shell monocoque structure, fluid or highly accented angles, and comfortable non-porous texture: only a masterful understanding of this unique polymer compound allows for such architectural prowess.

With the WISH collection, Produits Neptune raises the bath and sink to the rank of masterpieces of pure contemporary design.

WISH makes your dream of a fabulously beautiful bathroom come true.

Bathtub door

Their high-quality glass screens made from 10 mm tempered glass and our 8 mm tempered glass bathtub door offer you multiple application possibilities to create a bathtub-shower that fits your taste.


Their acrylic shower models are available in many forms and dimensions. Their one-piece and two-piece units, with their different design styles, will surely seduce you.

Controls and jets

Bathtub accessories

Shower accessories


Their toilets have been designed to meet the most exacting design and performance standards. Many are one-piece models, skirted, and equipped with a self-closing toilet seat and a double flush system for water saving in line with sustainable development.


Whether you are looking for a pedestal, wall-mounted, above-counter, undermount or drop-in sink, there is sure to be one of their models to meet your needs.


Faucets are the key to creating a signature look for your bathroom. To complete your Produits Neptune bathroom concept, three high-end collections will add a final touch to your project. Their models are all available in chrome finish. Their superior quality craftsmanship ensures precision performance, easy maintenance and peace of mind for years to come. For an even more unique project, Produits Neptune makes it possible to customize each component of your shower. Shower head, body jets, valves—they all work together to create the look and experience you want.


Attractive design, functional, powerful, quiet, and in some cases heating… our fans present valuable features. Most of them are sealed and can be installed in a shower. Their powerful heat lamp model can warm up your bathroom in just a few minutes.


The first on the continent to be certified ECORESPONSIBLE. This honour recognizes their green initiatives in, among other areas, procurement, eco-design, life cycle analysis, manufacturing, recycling, and the development of new and emerging materials within a spirit of social responsibility.

Luxury Bathroom