Bathroom with Walk-In Shower Renovated

5 Important questions to ask

Before buying a shower enclosure or bathtub!

Ah home renovations, what fun! The decision to install either a bathtub or shower enclosure could have a huge impact on your morning routine for plenty of years down the road, so be sure to decide carefully and consider these questions before making your final decision!

1The first question is a rather obvious one, SPACE! Do you have enough space in your bathroom for a full size bathtub or shower enclosure? Bathrooms can vary in size, from large to quite small, in this case, perhaps just a shower enclosure would be the right fit for your bathroom. Be sure to measure your bathroom accurately, as this will ensure a smooth buying process.

2Why choose one if you can have both? The second facet to consider is that perhaps you don’t need to choose one or the other, a shower fixed above the bathtub with a shower bath installed could be the perfect idea for your home and family.

3Thirdly, consider your lifestyle as an important factor to contemplate when deciding between a shower enclosure or bathtub. Are you a busy bee in the mornings? Has it been years since you can actually remember yourself taking a bath? If so, it sounds like a shower enclosure may be your best bet. However, if you are the “Zen” type and enjoy those peaceful moments in the tub, don’t forgo the tub!

4The fourth and most important aspect one needs to consider when making the final decisions, is the safety concerns. There are strict guidelines that need to be followed when installing bathroom fixtures, especially in terms of electrical fittings. There are specific distances that you need to adhere too when installing water fittings, as they need to remain away from electrical appliances, and outlets. Check out these bathroom safety guidelines when deciding between a shower enclosure or bathtub, as it may impact what you are able to install: Bathroom Electrical Safety Guidelines.

5Finally, the 5th most important thing to consider when deciding between a shower enclosure or bathtub is… do you even have to choose?! Maybe you want it all! If you have a particularly expansive bathroom, why not install both? If you have a larger family and a flexible budget, splitting your bathroom is an exceptional way to revolutionize your mornings. With all the free time you will have, who knows what can happen!

Luckily, Staff here at Water Works Bathroom Renovations are available at your convenience to answer any questions relating to your bathroom needs. With our expertise and knowledge, we can help you decide whether a bathtub, shower enclosure or both will work best for you and your family!

Bathroom Safety

Water carries electricity very efficiently. Unfortunately, if the two mix, the result can be a deadly encounter. So, the bathroom is possibly the most dangerous room in the house when it comes to electrical safety. The consequences of an electric shock are far more severe in a bathroom or shower room as wet skin reduces the body’s resistance.

There are special requirements for electrical installations in bathrooms as most electrical work must comply with Building Regulations for the Province of Alberta.

We strongly recommend that you use a registered journeyman electrician experienced to carry out any electrical installation work that you need or ask us about finding the right electrician for you.  Our advice will help you to stay safe.


Electrical sockets are not allowed in bathrooms or shower rooms (apart from shaver-supply units) unless they can be fitted at least three metres from the bathtub or shower.  Electrical shaver points must be a safe distance (in meters) from the bathtub or shower to avoid splashes.


Enclosed ceiling lights are preferable to the ones that hang down.  All light fittings, that are not enclosed, should be out of reach of someone using, or still wet from using, the bath or shower.

Heaters and towel rails

Central heating is the safest way to keep a bathroom warm. But if you do have an electric heater, it must be fixed at a safe distance from the bath or shower. Electric and gas water heaters in a bathroom must be fixed and permanently wired, unless they are powered by a socket fitted three metres from a bath or shower.

Portable electrical appliances

Never bring powered small appliances such as curling irons, hairdryers, radios or heaters into a bathroom and close to a water outlet. You could be severely injured or killed.

New Tile Product – POWDER TILE FROM ITALY – Julian Tiles

Water Works Renovations of Edmonton is a proud suppler of Julian Tiles.

Here is some info on their new product called Powder Tiles

Powder Project Surface is formed of completely random pattern of three different modules 23.3/8”x23.3/8”: two single colours – one light, one dark – and a third matching tone to bring it all together.

Powder is a concept of the prestigious Andre Putman, who designs shops for the big names of the fashion system (Karl Lagerfeld, Yves Saint-Laurent, Azzedine Alaia, Thierry Mugler,…) re-designed the general image for Helena Rubinstein brand, a block of offices for the pharmaceutical giant Novartis and the astonishing Blue Spa in the Beyerischer Hof Hotel in Munich, with its suspended swimming-pool.

She also conceived, in the last months, private residences in Bruxelles, Dublin, Miami, Paris, Rome, Shangai, Tanger and
Tel Aviv.


Colour Examples




Bathroom Renovations Edmonton

At Water Works Renovations Edmonton we are experienced in bathroom renovations, remodelling, and installations for your home.

We can design and supply a wide range of quality bathroom fixtures for the bathroom of your desire.

At our showroom in Edmonton we carry an extensive range of quality products that you will need for your new or renovated bathroom:

We offer a wide selection:

  • showers
  • bathroom cabinets
  • vanities
  • bathtubs
  • toilets
  • faucets
  • bathroom accessories.

We also show case a excellent variety of tile and custom vanity top surfaces including granite, marble and quartz.

Our staff will be happy to advise you on the best options for your bathroom project.




Many home owners in Edmonton  find themselves cocooning in their homes and dreaming of a nice, warm, relaxing retreat.

One way to “get away,” and at the same time enhance a home’s value is to turn the bathroom into an in-home retreat. In fact, making the bathroom a place of retreat is one of today’s most popular home remodeling projects, according to, as homeowners look for relief from hectic lifestyles and choose to spend more time at home.

As the country faces tough times, homeowners are focusing their spending on the home to make it a secure, comfortable environment according to a Unity Marketing study.

According to the American Standard Bathroom Habits Survey, Americans revealed that they would spend between $2,500 and $7,500 to remodel and decorate their bathrooms. Thirty percent would be willing to spend more than $10,000 to make their bathroom the ultimate dream bathroom.

“Homeowners want a beautiful, relaxing space they can call their own,” says Gary Uhl, director of industrial design for American Standard, the world’s leading plumbing products manufacturer and distributor. “To make the bathroom a personal retreat, homeowners are expanding the size of bathrooms and adding whirlpools and more decorative fixtures.”

“The bathroom is becoming more of a centerpiece in the home with design trends ranging from the bold and colorful to the simple and elegant,” says Jim Krengel, one of the first certified bathroom designers.

Krengel and Uhl suggest homeowners consider the following five trends when turning their bathrooms into a personal, relaxing retreat.

The number one bathroom design trend among homeowners is making the room larger. Homeowners are knocking out walls to make the current bath more functional and comfortable.

“Today the bath needs to be big enough to accommodate everything homeowners want to include,” says Krengel. “Bathroom furniture and a separate shower and bathtub are emerging as hot items in today’s bath.”

Today’s homeowner is looking to make the bath more comfortable, stylish and personal by using fixtures with more than one function. One popular trend is the separate shower and bath. A separate bath provides more flexibility in choosing a tub — whether a free-standing bath or a relaxing whirlpool.

According to the American Standard Bathroom Habits Survey, a majority of Americans choose a whirlpool as the number one item they want in their bath. American Standard’s whirlpools have ergonomically correct head and arm rests for maximum comfort and strategically positioned jets to create ultimate relaxation. Their whirlpools come in a variety of sizes including corner pools, such as the Savona Corner Whirlpool, that will fit discretely into the corner of a smaller bathroom.

“Another hot trend in fixtures is above-counter sinks that serve as a sink as well as displayed art,” Uhl says.

The Striata and Carnivale above-counter basins by Porcher are great examples. The Striata is a fused-glass basin in jewel tones that turns the bathroom into a showcase. The Carnivale, crafted of brilliant artisan-made glass, blends striking designs with bold colors creating the ultimate fixture.

Today’s bathrooms are equipped with more than just the traditional bath and sink. As homeowners increase the size of their bathrooms, they are experimenting with armoires for storage, music or television and chaise lounges for reading and relaxing.

Vintage furniture is also making a splash in the bathroom. Homeowners are using vintage pieces as vanities or for more decorative purposes such as a towel rack or sitting chairs.

Many manufacturers are creating fixtures that look and feel like furniture. For example, the American Standard Enfield Suite showcases a freestanding tub large enough for two encased in a wood frame.

Combining different materials is another hot design trend. Everything from glass, chrome and china can be found in baths across the country.

“Glass and chrome are popular materials emerging in today’s bathroom fixtures,” says Uhl. “For instance, decorative glass above-counter basins in bold colors bring art into the bath.”

American Standard’s Dune Console Lavatory combines a number of materials, including marble, wenge finish wood drawers, chrome frames and a glass shelf to provide artistic flair.

Glass tile is emerging as a favorite material for the bath. Homeowners are designing showers with glass tile in ocean colors to create a warm, relaxing atmosphere. Many homeowners are opting to combine glass and porcelain tiles to create accents or borders that are more affordable.

Believe it or not, stainless steel also is making its way into the bath. Designers are incorporating stainless steel in everything from the sink to the medicine chest to the bathtub to shower walls. The look of stainless steel is fairly cold, so to help soften the look, a natural stone element in the room can add warmth and a contrasting texture.

Although white is still the most popular fixture color according to Uhl, homeowners are looking for other colors that will remain timeless.

“Adding a little color to a bathroom is as easy as a hand-painted sink or a new paint color to the walls,” says Krengel. “Homeowners need to choose a color that suits their personality but also fits the type of environment they are looking for.”

The latest color trends are running the gamut. Natural colors are the most versatile, but designers are incorporating some bolder colors such as red and blue as well as deep forest and emerald green and terra cotta and rust. These colors are used in everything from the paint to the sink to decorative tiles.

For homeowners who aren’t confident in their design capabilities, Krengel suggests calling on a professional designer. “It’s better to get the expert advice ahead of time, instead of after a project has gone horribly wrong.”

As posted at A Bathroom Guide

Bathroom Faucets Edmonton

Water Works Bathroom Renovations has a stunning array of faucets from world-renowned suppliers like Aquabrass, Hansgrohe, and Brizo that are sure to dazzle over and over.

We carry a compelling range of designs, available in distinctive styles and brilliant finishes, that we trust for superior durability and quality.

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The Water Works experts are always available to help create that perfect environment of harmony, both invigorating and restful.


Need a Quality Bathroom Renovation in Edmonton?

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