Water Works Renovations Edmonton Retail Showroom

Specializing in complete bathroom renovations from start to finish adding value to your home.

Bathroom Design

At Edmonton Water Works Bathroom Renovations we offer a complete range of bathroom renovation services. From bath, sink and toilet installations to tile and flooring, we can do it all, and we produce high quality work in everything we do.

When you meet with one of our friendly consultants at our retail showroom we will help advise you on bathroom renovation ideas to complement your current home as well as providing you insights into the latest bathroom renovation and designs.

At Edmonton Water Works Bathroom Renovations we use a three step process Planning, Design, and Installation.

Our Design Process


    • Edmonton Water Works Bathroom Renovations can help you with your bathroom from planning right through to installation.
    • We involve you in the process by asking some simple questions to create a picture of what you are looking for in a new bathroom.
    • From traditional to modern styling, our staff listens to discover what you want, not tell you what you need. 

    • Once we have a plan, we then take you through our showroom to explore your options.
    • From tubs to walk in showers, tile, fixtures and accessories, Edmonton Water Works Bathroom Renovations layout your new bathroom according to your choices and what‘s right for your space and your home.
    • With over 10 years experience in designing bathrooms, we can offer suggestions to make you feel great about your design layout. 

    • At Edmonton Water Works Bathroom Renovations  our installation teams benefit from over 30 years experience and stay with you from start to finish.
    • Most projects can be finished in less than a week.
    • Each member of our team is dedicated to your bathroom renovation until you’re satisfied.

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