Bathroom with Walk-In Shower Renovated

5 Important questions to ask

Before buying a shower enclosure or bathtub!

Ah home renovations, what fun! The decision to install either a bathtub or shower enclosure could have a huge impact on your morning routine for plenty of years down the road, so be sure to decide carefully and consider these questions before making your final decision!

1The first question is a rather obvious one, SPACE! Do you have enough space in your bathroom for a full size bathtub or shower enclosure? Bathrooms can vary in size, from large to quite small, in this case, perhaps just a shower enclosure would be the right fit for your bathroom. Be sure to measure your bathroom accurately, as this will ensure a smooth buying process.

2Why choose one if you can have both? The second facet to consider is that perhaps you don’t need to choose one or the other, a shower fixed above the bathtub with a shower bath installed could be the perfect idea for your home and family.

3Thirdly, consider your lifestyle as an important factor to contemplate when deciding between a shower enclosure or bathtub. Are you a busy bee in the mornings? Has it been years since you can actually remember yourself taking a bath? If so, it sounds like a shower enclosure may be your best bet. However, if you are the “Zen” type and enjoy those peaceful moments in the tub, don’t forgo the tub!

4The fourth and most important aspect one needs to consider when making the final decisions, is the safety concerns. There are strict guidelines that need to be followed when installing bathroom fixtures, especially in terms of electrical fittings. There are specific distances that you need to adhere too when installing water fittings, as they need to remain away from electrical appliances, and outlets. Check out these bathroom safety guidelines when deciding between a shower enclosure or bathtub, as it may impact what you are able to install: Bathroom Electrical Safety Guidelines.

5Finally, the 5th most important thing to consider when deciding between a shower enclosure or bathtub is… do you even have to choose?! Maybe you want it all! If you have a particularly expansive bathroom, why not install both? If you have a larger family and a flexible budget, splitting your bathroom is an exceptional way to revolutionize your mornings. With all the free time you will have, who knows what can happen!

Luckily, Staff here at Water Works Bathroom Renovations are available at your convenience to answer any questions relating to your bathroom needs. With our expertise and knowledge, we can help you decide whether a bathtub, shower enclosure or both will work best for you and your family!